Moving New Jersey Forward

A community-based nonprofit that raises awareness and promotes education efforts at the local and national level about social justice issues.

Educate. Advocate. Organize.

Moving New Jersey Forward is a community-based nonprofit that raises awareness and educates key stakeholders local, state, and national level about important social justice issues affecting communities in need.These efforts include:

  1. Advocating for extensive immigration reform, including allowing undocumented citizens to have a chance to obtain a driver’s license, and allowing young children to grow as a working citizen of the United States without the fear of being deported.

  2. Developing affordable housing in low-to-middle class communities and aiding individuals with the entire application process to receive appropriate monetary aid to live in targeted residences.

  3. Organizing the community, along with elected officials, to develop educational solutions that combat illiteracy and support ESL learners across the state of New Jersey.

  4. Work with community partners to create targeted programs that support veterans, including HUD rental assistance vouchers.

  5. Stimulating civic engagement within local communities through volunteers events such as clean-ups, soup kitchens, etc.

  6. Fight for the expansion of programs to combat hunger, poverty and homelessness at the a local level to ultimately organize on the state level.

  7. Form public and private partnerships to improve the local economy by organizing job trainings, business workshops, and tax return programs.

  8. Raising awareness of environmental issues affecting residents across the State of New Jersey by working with community-based groups to take part in “green” initiatives such as, the creation of community gardens.

What we do

Moving New Jersey Forward gets involved at the grassroots level in the local communities to address their needs. We work to the benefit of everyone the community by listening to the needs of residents and taking action.Some of the past projects include:

  • Funds for counseling services for Veterans with PTSD

  • Holiday Dinners for those in need

  • Toy donations to low-income families throughout the county

  • Community events and gatherings that promote and celebrate diversity

  • Creating programs for children with special needs.


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